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An american experience with Michel Camilo, famous pianist of latin jazz. Michel presents the music of Nilda as "eclectic pop"

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After a year in New York, Nilda meets Michel Camilo, famous pianist and composer of latin jazz to whom he asks to participate in the arrangements and in the production of his next album. Very busy by his tours, Camilo accepts because Nilda has already well moved forward the arrangements of several songs sketched on dictaphone during its journeys.

The recording takes place in Carriage House studios (Stamford, Connecticut). With a hardened team which Michel Camilo manages brilliantly, Nilda realizes the dream of every musician to record in the USA.

For the first time, a French album of Nilda wears a title which existed before the composition of songs. "Innu Nikamu" (the human being sings) is the name of a native festival of music in which Nilda participated in the North of Quebec.

In memory of his childhood, Nilda records Just have I am with a gospel choir that John Montagnese, owner of the studio, presents him in Queens. For this opportunity, he creates words in Spanish which do not translate the original text. The same choir sings the chorus of the song Innu Nikamu.

The song The Estrella, composed on a balcony of Vilareal ( Castellón), is successively recorded in Toulouse (for the south american? guitar and palmas) and in Carriage House for flutes.
Between the instrumentaltakes and the vocals, Nilda withdraws in a convent of franciscan sisters to finalize the texts of songs.

To record the sinfonic orchestra, Michel and Nilda go to London.


Production : Michel CAMILO, Nilda FERNÁNDEZ

Recording, mix, mastering . Phil MAGNOTTI

Assistant . Andy KATZ

"Carriage House studios", Stamford, CT (USA)

Piano, accordion : Michel CAMILO

Guitars : Chuck LOEB - Keyboards : Clifford CARTER

Drums : Cliff ALMOND - Bass : Anthony JACKSON, Gilles COQUARD

Percussion : Guarionex AQUINO - Flutes : Dave VALENTIN

Bombo : Dario LUCCIANI - Palmas : Benoît MARDON

Gospel choirs : Willard Meeks Ensemble

Direction, organ and piano : Willard MEEKS

Guitars "criollas" : Lucho GONZÁLEZ, Rodrigo MOSQUERA

Trumpet : Michael MOSSMAN - Saxo tenor : Ralph BOWEN

Saxo bariton : Garry SMULYAN

Orchestra recorded by Mike Ross TREVOR

"Whitfield street studios" (London)

Concert Master : Gayvin WRIGHT

Orchestra arrangements : Michel CAMILO,


Brass arrangements : Michel CAMILO

Orchestrations : Joseph GIANONO

Pre-production : Gilles COQUARD, Pascal COQUARD,


Photos : Patrick SHEANDELL

Art work : Saïd CHERGUI / Point 3 / FIFAX / Florilèges

Songs written by Nilda FERNANDEZ

except "Just as I am" (Ch. Ellot / W.B. Bradburg)

and "El poeta" (F.G. Lorca/N.Fernandez)


This record is dedicated to the Great spirit and the very little things ?