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Another way of recording eleven songs so that they ring differently. Precious jewels between  Marie Madeleine and Comprends-tu ?

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Previous album required a reclusion of nine months. For this one, Nilda organizes all the opposite, in rue des Martyrs, at two-hundred meters of his Montmartre adress. Voluntarily, the doors of the studio remain open, letting the street get into songs. Nilda does not stop his tours and goes to Latin America with his band to make concerts.

Some arrangements are signed Christian Fradin (De Londres), Gilles Coquard (Marie-Madeleine, Sinfanaï retu), Juan-Manuel Fernández (Ma Ville, Comprends-tu), Luis Rigou (Ne me fais pas mal). However, most of the songs result from a collective creation where the musicians of any horizons come to deposit their inspiration: a  gospel choir (On t'a appris), a lute and loops ( La Gitana), the flamenco guitars (Ultime rêve de l'amour)...

At its release, the album embarrasses because of its no references with the precedent.

Produced by Ben ROGAN and Nilda FERNANDEZ

Recorded at "Musika" by Franck REDLICH and Franck SEGARRA

Mixed at "Plus XXX" by Franck REDLICH and Nilda FERNANDEZ

Mastering : Studio 44.1

Photo cover : Théodore J. SABO

Photos Mexico : Aaron COHEN / Miami : Théodore J. SABO

Art work : Nuit de Chine

Guitars : Patrice TISON, Juan Manuel FERNANDEZ, Bruno DI PLACIDO

 Flamenco guitars : Daniel MANZANAS, Manuel DELGADO

Flutes : Luis RIGOU - Zarb : Henri AGNIEL

Palmas : Sofia MANZANAS, Herminia RODRIGUEZ

Drums : André CECCALERI - Bass : Gilles COQUARD, Phil SPALDING

Keyboards, Organ : Jerry LIPKINS, Slim BATTEUX, Stefano GENOVESE

Harmonica : Jean-Luc PEILHON - Cello : Vincent SEGAL

Dobro : Patrick VERBEKE - Accordion : Alejandro BARCELONA

Double bass : Giovanni-Pietro CREMONINI

Turkmen lute, Rebab, Tar : MAD SHEER KHAN

Percussion : Arnaud DEVOS, Pascal ROLLANDO, FEEDBACK

Badpipe : Eric MONTIEL - Snare drum : Dominique MOLLARD

Choirs: ANNAHDREY, Christine LIDON

This record is dedicated to the life, to the drafts,

to the streets which rise and come down,

to the untraceable peace, to the murmured words,

to you, he or she, to the rain on her roof...

This record is not dedicated to the death,

to the air-conditioning, to the avenues,

to the war against everything, to the shouts,

To us, you or they,

to the mud under your shoes.