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A symbolic album. 

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After the success of the single Madrid Madrid, Nilda Fernández withdraws to compose songs among which three in association with his brother Juan-Manuel. During one year, almost every day, he works on computer of the arrangements among which some will be of use as base to the musicians (Entre Lyon et Barcelone, Bellissima?) whereas others will be recorded almost as they stand (harmonies and sequences of Nos fiançailles, Mes yeux dans ton regard, strings and harp of Viendras-tu avec moi) either will be arranged by Gilles Coquard (Rendez-vous manqués), Christian Fradin (Madrid Madrid, Luisita) or Pierre Adenot (Mon Amour).

After this setting-up time, Nilda spends nine months in the studio of the Hacienda, together with Stéphane Piot. Both perfectionists, they decide to allow to pass nothing. Everything must be completed, nothing has to give rise to future regrets.

With this album begins the long love story between Nilda Fernández and his public. In full Gulf War a song (Nos fiançailles) arrives at the ears of all, sung by an unclassifiable voice, between male and feminine. It is a shock. The album looks like no other one. It is acclaimed as one of the most original heard for a long time and accumulate five different naming in Victoires de la Musique.